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What are Employee Engagement Initiatives?

What are Employee Engagement Initiatives?

By: Content Team
Employee engagement initiatives

Fostering Employee Engagement: Initiatives That Inspire

Most employees make the decision to go to work everyday to receive their wages. But what motivates them to work happily, perform better, and remain loyal to their workplace?

Employee engagement initiatives are part of a wider marketing scheme that helps boost dedication, commitment, and performance. Using these perks, employees are able to understand and respect company values, goals, and visions far better.

There are several types of initiatives employers can use to engage their employees. These apply for both short-term goals, as well as long-term ones. Using the wrong initiatives can be disastrous for your business – resulting in higher demotivation and greater turnover.

Let’s take a look at what an employee engagement initiative is, what the benefits are, and what initiatives you can introduce into your workplace.

What is an employee engagement initiative?

An employee engagement initiative is a workplace benefit or perk that helps encourage performance, morale, and loyalty towards a business.

Employee engagement initiatives come in all shapes and sizes. From offering free breakfast to company cars, employers can offer all kinds of things to help boost engagement. However, the main point of the initiatives is to bring out the best in employees and motivate them to work beyond their basic expectations.

Employers should choose initiatives that are suitable and maybe even recommended by their staff. Choosing the wrong ones may deter them from working harder or remaining at their job.

Employees engaged in conversation

What are the benefits of using employee engagement initiatives?

Using employee engagement initiatives is a step that’s part of a wider plan to develop skills, morale, and dedication from a workforce. It also leads to other benefits like:

Encouraging work satisfaction

When employees are engaged at work, it encourages better work satisfaction. Meaning, they’re working happily and in a healthy state. Whilst this seems directed at employees, it actually benefits employers, too. That’s because it leads to increased output and retention.

Creating better workplace relations

Engaged employees will usually create better workplace relations; either with their peers or between other departments. This comes from having better communication skills, teamwork ethics, and even overall respect for company values.

Leading to higher employee wellbeing

It’s more likely that employees will face less work-related health issues when they’re more engaged at work. These issues may include burnout, stress, anxiety, or depression. With a healthier workforce, employers face less staff absences and work disruption.

Improving customer service

Engaged employees don’t just treat each other well; they’ll often reciprocate this onto a consumer level. Employees will thrive to present greater customer services, satisfaction, and experiences.

Employees training

Different types of employee engagement initiatives to use in the workplace

All businesses should utilise ways to keep their employees motivated and committed to their jobs. And this goes beyond just paying them their yearly salaries or bonuses.

When employees are fully engaged at work, they’ll go above and beyond to – aspiring to reach company values and success. But it all starts with using the best employee engagement initiatives. Let’s take a look at a few examples you can use in your workplace:


One of the most common initiatives used to motivate employees are promotions. These career-building opportunities are clear indicators used to recognise great work. Employers should offer all reasonable perks that come with a promotion. For example, a new job-title, wage increase, and additional work entitlements.

Profit-share schemes

Many businesses offer profit-share schemes as part of their employee engagement plan. This income is usually raised by specific departments, like the sales team. However, they’re often shared out across an entire workforce. Employees will probably work harder for additional pay like this – resulting in higher performance, loyalty, and retention.


Many employees aspire to work harder when offered training and career-building opportunities. From work shadowing to additional responsibilities – training encourages both personal and professional development.

Team rewards

There’s nothing more fun than celebrating achievements with fellow team-members. It’s a great way to promote workplace socialisation, collaboration, and even morale. A stronger workforce means better business outcomes and achievements, especially for future projects.

Flexible working

Flexible working has become a popular work benefit that most people seek. Why not offer it as an additional initiative when recognising outstanding employees? Not only does it encourage a better work-life balance, it also leads to greater staff retention and wellbeing.

Workplace benefits

There are various workplace benefits that motivate employees, especially ones that support them on a personal note. For example, free lunch, on-site parking spots, and even child-care facilities. When you go beyond the norm to help, employees will reciprocate this through respect, value, and dedication.

Commute discounts

Many employees struggle with their daily commute expenses. This could be anything from buying seasonal train passes, to budgeting for the price of petrol. Offering discounts on commute fares is an all-rounded acceptable initiative. It’s particularly helpful for those employees struggling with recent inflation rises or the cost of living.

Gift cards and vouchers

Another popular initiative that promotes workplace engagement are gift cards and vouchers. Whilst these may seem like a small token of appreciation, the power they hold is limitless. Meaning, the greater the achievement, the more expensive the gift. Just be sure to tailor them to individuals; that way, you’re guaranteed they’re the best gift to offer.

Certificates and trophies

Many businesses will reward great achievements at work through presenting certificates and trophies. These can be used to celebrate an employee or team’s outstanding efforts. And present your admiration and appreciation on a more public platform.

Dinner with the CEO

Some may argue, one of the highest accolades an employee can receive is recognition from their boss. So, why not offer dinner with the CEO as an employee initiative? It’s more than just free dinner. Employees may benefit from great mentoring advice, networking contacts, and even a promotional opportunity. If it goes well, it could end up changing the course of their professional life.

Learn all about employee engagement initiatives with

Employers should go above and beyond recognising hard work and efforts from their workforce. From individual goals to team achievements – it’s always best to celebrate great performance and outcome.

Why not use gift cards and vouchers as a staple initiative to engage employees at work?

At, we offer a variety of rewards guaranteed to help boost employee morale, loyalty, and engagement.

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