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What is an e-gift card?

What is an e-gift card?

By: Content Team
Love2shop e-Gift-Cards

We’re often asked ‘what is an e-gift card’? Essentially it is a digital code that can be exchanged a range of exclusive high street and online retailers gift cards, vouchers or digital gift cards.

It’s a fast, convenient and simple way to reward outstanding performance, recognise people for their valuable contribution or incentivise employee or customer behaviour. It gives the recipient the power to choose a reward that they really want.

There’s no physical card and codes can be sent to email inboxes instantly, so they are perfect for spontaneous rewarding and gifting.

What is the difference between e-gift cards and physical gift cards

So we know that e-gift cards are essentially digital codes, but what is the difference between an e-gift card and physical gift cards and how do they work?

The one major difference is that a physical gift card is something you can hold in your hand. You order them with specific amounts loaded on, or you load them up yourself. You then give them to the employees you want to reward or recognise or send them to customers as an incentive or a reward for loyalty. They can spend that gift card in store or online with a wide range of partner retailers.

By contrast, e-gift cards begin their life as a digital code. What this means is they can be delivered much more quickly without delays or additional postage costs. E-gift cards can be sent via email with full instructions on how to use instantly, so for employers looking to reward employees instantly, they are a highly efficient way to show people their efforts are valued.

E-gift cards allow recipients to exchange the value of their reward into a format that suits them best from a brand they want – for example, with Love2shop they may choose exchange their e-gift card for a physical voucher to spend with Nike, or a digital code to spend on tickets to a gig through Ticketmaster.  

How do e-gift cards work

Now, onto the important question – how do e-gift cards work? E-gift cards are digital codes. They can’t be spent directly in partner stores. The value needs to be exchanged through the online catalogue.

Recipients simply follow the link from their inbox and type their e-gift card code into the box on the landing page. They will then be taken automatically to browse the full catalogue of gift cards, vouchers and digital codes they can exchange their e-gift card for. One common question we hear is can they be exchanged for cash? While the answer is no, the range of retailers Love2shop offers – including Deliveroo, Foot Locker, John Lewis, Xbox Live, Spotify and more – means there is something for everyone.

They can even spread the value of their card across multiple brands. For example, if they want to get themselves a little treat from M&S, but they have also forgotten about an upcoming birthday, they can use some of their e-gift card on the birthday gift and exchange the balance for an M&S gift card.

Why should I use e-Gift cards for reward, recognition and incentives?

There are a number of reasons to choose e-gift cards as your primary method of reward and recognition.

Firstly, convenience – today virtually every employee has either email or a smartphone, so in a world where teams work remotely or out on site, they can receive their bonus instantly, giving them that boost in morale that increases productivity and strengthens employee loyalty. What’s more, the choice of brands available means that you can reward any employee without needing to know exactly what they love – you’re giving them the gift of choice!

E-gift cards also enable your business to operate a low-carbon reward and recognition programme. With no physical product or postage, the carbon footprint of e-gift cards is minimal so can support businesses looking for sustainable ways to reward employees.

Finally, with Love2shop you can even choose a digital greetings card to accompany your gift to add to that special feeling the recipient has of being recognised or valued.

E-gift cards make spontaneous reward and recognition simple and cost effective while guaranteeing you never give them a gift they don’t want.

Where can I buy e-gift cards?

The UK’s number one gift card provider – Love2shop – offers e-gift cards that can be exchanged for gift vouchers, gift cards and digital codes with more than 50 retailers.

Simply visit to put in an order request for e-gift cards today.

Love2shop e-Gift Cards

Sent and redeemed online, a Love2shop e-Gift Card lets a customer or employee pick their reward from a selection of popular shopping, dining, and experience brands.

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Love2shop e-Gift Cards

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